Easy as 1-2-3: Getting to Know Your CC Creams

Easy as 1-2-3: Getting to Know Your CC Creams
First there were BB creams, and now there are CC creams. I make sense of the alphabet soup behind the latest makeup with a look at the new color-correcting skincare you really need.

CC Creams
BB creams—aka beauty balms—have proven a godsend for women who crave skincare that does it all; they moisturize, prime, cover, treat, and block the sun's harmful rays. But for those who want advanced, easier-to-blend coverage for uneven skin tones, it's all about the new CC creams. The nonoily, multitasking tinted moisturizers here promise nourished, naturally (wink, wink) gorgeous complexions sans splotches. Pick one up fast, because, yes, DD creams are on their way.

This moisture-rich formula guarantees lightweight, natural-looking coverage, with SPF protection to boot.

Amore Pacific
Enjoy all the benefits of a CC cream in a handy compact, which offers SPF 50 protection and color-correcting coverage
on the go.

This tinted moisturizer ups the ante by also offering exfoliating and anti-aging properties, rejuvenating cells and removing the appearance of fine lines

Diminish pesky dark spots with this multitasking cream, available in five shades.

Given the CC formula's knack for touching up discolorations, it makes sense to use it to tackle dark undereye circles. This magic wand comes in light and medium.


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