You want to be a model

Every one has the looks to be a model l the trick is to know what you have , and how above all , know how to use it and promote yourself 

It's is no. Use just dreaming about being a model . Don't talk the talk -just get out there and walk the walk

There are thousands like you, maybe even a million or so , that have heard the words " you should be a model" stop dreaming just because some friend or someone in the family thinks you're drop dead gorgeous,it don't make you a model . It doesn't even mean you have what it takes, in the way of looks, to be a model.

The last sentence might seem in contradiction to what was said in the opening sub title, everyone has the looks to be a model, you only need to open a half dozen different magazines and somewhere in there you will find the model about whom you can say , hey I'm as good as him/ her, the thing is that particular model is on the page , you , are sitting and drooling and wondering, the model on the page has done the work, they actually done something about their want to become a model.

Here at catwalk we wanna make your dreams come true , apply on line," be the change you wanna see"..............

See you soon 


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