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Fashion notes from S*

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The dream street style


Street style has become one of the most important trends In fashion and it's not just because the people spotted in these  stylish  attire are trendy but it's because,just by looking at these street walkers u are able to identify the trends for the season or what the trends are going to be, which is exactly wat we attend runway, and fashion shows for. But the difrence is when we put on these trends, we add our own personallties which makes it differnt and some times looks even better than any runway fashion show staged....

I remember this saying " clothing is like a dream u put on in the morning" and I know we can't not live with out a dream

These are some of my fav.... Street style looks....

Mr price what's hot

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Oscar Pistorius trial fashion.....tailored suits alert

Wearing a dark suit and tie, the prosecutor in the Oscar Pistorius trial, launched a fierce attack on the athlete as he began cross-examination, challenging him to “accept responsibility” as a “sports hero” and admit he killed Reeva Steenkamp. "You still are one of the most recognised faces in the world… a model for both disabled and able-bodied sportsmen,” Mr Nel barked at the startled sprinter. “Before you killed Reeva, people looked up to you and now you have a responsibility to tell the truth and you will not?” Pistorius, 27, stuttered that he made a “terrible mistake”. “You killed her! You shot and killed her! Won’t you take responsibility for that?” Mr Nel fired  “I did, My Lady,” Pistorius told the judge.“Then say it then!” Mr Nel shouted. “Say yes – I shot and killed Reeva Steenkamp.”“I did, My Lady,” Pistorius repeated.Moments later, Mr Nel gave instructions for a graphic close-up picture of Steenkamp’s head, her skin yellowing, the bullet injury clearly visible and her hair m…

Winter inspiration

Olivier Rousteing name-checked Paul Poiret and Christian Lacroix in addition to his label's founder, Pierre Balmain, today. Put them all together and you still wouldn't match the irrepressible exuberance of this young designer. Backstage he was asked if the hip-high suede boots the models wore (he called them cuissardes) were hard to put on, and he replied, "No, it's fine. At Balmain, everything is fine." The point being, Rousteing makes blingy clothes designed for going out and having a good time; if you come looking for pantsuits or a winter coat, you've got the wrong idea.

This season, even more than in the past, Rousteing embraced extremes of silhouette. Imagine Klaus Nomi performing behind David Bowie on SNL in 1979, mixed with One Thousand and One Nights, and you begin to get the picture. Shoulders were pronounced, so were hips, and sleeves flared out at the elbows before tapering to the wrists, the yin-for-yang complement to the hourglass silhouettes. E…

Game of thrones vs. runway

Game of Thrones VS. the Runway Season four of Game of Thrones returns to HBO this Sunday. And while the show is easy to dismiss as a cultish nerdy boy's fantasy, it has legions of female devotees, including ones in the fashion world.
Last season we stumbled upon an amazing Tumblr comparing Game of Thrones looks to runway pieces. It was obviously the work of a pro—someone who knew the runway intimately. There were references to Gaultier couture from 2007, Rick Owens (so much Rick Owens!), and Dior Haute Couture from 2008. We dug around and realized the person behind it all was Zana Bayne, she of the magnificent designer harnesses (she's created leather harnesses for the likes of Lady Gaga, BeyoncĂ© and Katy Perry).
"Game of Thrones was one of those shows that I had heard everybody talking about, but for some reason never took the time to watch. When my boyfriend Todd Pendu and I first started dating, he was shocked that I hadn't gotten into the show and convinced me that I…

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